The sweltering heat has had everyone sweating away. Time to welcome the monsoons!! Don’t you just love that fresh smell of rain falling on dust or listen to the pitter-patter of the raindrops as they beat a rhythm on your window pane and you sit back with your chai and a piping hot plate of pakoras? Aah! The monsoons are here.

So let’s get your home ready for this season. I‘ve put together some tips that I have found helpful over the years – I hope you find them useful.


Once the rains hit, the one thing that you can be sure of is muddy shoes and wet umbrellas. If you have kids like me, they will probably be stomping all over the house in those shoes with their dripping umbrellas dragging behind them before they realise they should have left them at the door.

So my advice would be, invest in a good foot mat. Coir and jute mats are great since it’s easy to brush the dirt off them once it dries and they are eco-friendly as well!

Add an umbrella stand/ use your old rainboots or place a cool looking basket in the corner where anyone coming can deposit the leaking umbrellas. Now don’t forget to check out our range of bright and welcoming coir and jute mats. Shop for them here  –


Once the monsoon hits, the dampness that follows is sure to cause problems. Air your cupboards, get pest control done and make sure your mattresses are reversed and there are no bugs. You would scatter neem leaves and camphor balls in your drawers to keep silverfish and fungus at bay like our nani-dadis did or you can buy some yummy smelling potpourri pouches and add them to your cupboard corners.


Things take so much longer to dry in the monsoon and your home tends to resemble a dhobi ghaat in the evenings when you are desperately trying to get everything dry. It can lead to a mildew smell in the house. So how can you combat that? Add some fragrant candles in pretty colours around the house and light them in the evening. Not only do burning candles kill the bad smell, the fragrance and soft light that the flame throws will add a lovely aura to your home.


One of the important things to remember during this season is ventilation. Make sure there is enough cross-ventilation & fresh air coming into your home; otherwise the humidity levels will cause a sense of dampness.


While we all love the rain it can get a little depressing. So what’s the solution? Brighten your rooms with pop coloured cushions.

Have you had a look at the Skyy cushions? Our Romany, Madeline and the Rajasthan inspired Amer, Rang and Aiana cushions paired with the Amer and Jaipur Runners will add the necessary pep and brighten it up for you.

Colourful light cotton durries like our Kilim Rug will really help add another dimension to any dark and gloomy space.


Get rid of your heavy curtains. Enjoy the outside by peering through sheer curtains. Sheer curtains are a good option at this time. Light and airy is what you need with the bit of privacy that they provide.


Roll up and put away those thick expensive carpets and rugs. Damp carpets stink and spoil and it’s going to be a while before the sun comes out. This is the right time to add jute and coir floor accessories to your home. They look stunning, are economical and don’t catch fungus.

We are adding some jute rugs and mats to our collection next week. Do check them out. Now that you are armed with tips to proof and decorate your home, don’t forget to tag us on Facebook or Instagram.