The summer heat has given way to the monsoons. A much-needed respite from the maddening heat. Listening to the sound of the rain beating down on your window and the smell that arises when it hits the dust are just what monsoon memories are made of. Now while you would like to sit down & watch the rain sipping on a steaming cup of chai and munching on piping hot pakoras, you should think about rain proofing your home.

Take a cue from our tips on keeping your home clean during the monsoon season so that you can sit back and enjoy the rain and the pakoras.

Make Your Home Slip & Slide Proof

When it rains water is bound to get into the house. Either via a window left open, kids coming home from outside dripping wet or your pet who managed to sneak out for a rain dance! Most floors are either marble or vitrified tiles and are therefore slippery. This makes it a recipe for sprained ankles and bruised backs.

To make things easier, invest in a vibrant or funky doormat outside the house to keep out the mud and slush. Opt for small doormats made from easy-to-clean materials like natural coir fibre face with anti-skid rubber backing. The Skyy doormats are eco-friendly & durable which makes it easy to brush off dirt & debris.

Roll Away The Heavy Carpets

Dampness is a major problem during monsoons. Dirt on your feet and mold and mildew in the constantly damp air can mess with your expensive rugs & carpets. We suggest you roll them up and place them in plastic sheets to protect them. Alternatively, you can use thinner and easy-to-dry rugs that suit the season more. To brighten up the room we have the Kilim Rug to add a bright boho vibe to any space or the tonal Moroccan styled Hamza Rug which is understated and perfect for this weather. The Karina &Sia jute floormats are also a wonderful style statement in jute with a little metallic glam added to them.

Spice It Up

Things can get a tad gloomy when you are stuck indoors and its raining outside. Brighten your rooms with colours. Accessorise with colourful cushions with bold floral and botanical prints. They are an excellent option to redecorate without breaking the bank. The Skyy printed cushions are gorgeous and you have a wide variety to choose from.

Easy Way To Get Rid Of The Musty Smell

Invest in different shaped candles and incense sticks with a mild fragrance to help keep the musty smell away. Place them on your coffee table or side tables so that you can light them up in the evenings. Try out varied citrus ones like lemongrass and lavender to keep your home refreshing.

However keep in mind that the moment the sun is out, open your windows. Keeping everything closed for a prolonged length of time will result in stale air in your home. Therefore, it’s a good idea to open your windows and doors once in a while to let in the cool monsoon breeze to flush out the stale smell.

Keep The Bugs Away

Place camphor or neem leaves in cupboards to absorb moisture. There is a substantial increase of bacteria during the monsoon especially in cupboards and wooden furniture. The best way to prevent fungus and termite is by placing camphor balls or neem leaves in between your clothes and other things.

Follow these tips and welcome the monsoon season hassle-free and without any worries.