Decorating Traits of a Cancerian

If you are born between June 21 – July 23, you fall under the Cancer star sign and are known for being simple in nature, deeply emotive and caring,

Cancer is a water sign. Some of the most well-known people of all time have been born under the Cancer zodiac sign – Diana, Princess of Wales, Selena Gomez, Nikola Tesla, 14th Dalai Lama to name a few.

What Do Cancerians Like?

You have a deep sense of home and family. Your homes are usually peppered with photos of family and friends and souvenirs and gifts that hold sentimental value. You are great secret-keepers and are usually the ones people turn to first, to confide in. Cancerians lack patience and can be moody.

Old fashioned furnishings appeal to the senses but you also like to have all the modern comforts in the house. You always want your house to be clean, orderly and comfortable. You enjoy mid-tones, floral, plain and solid colours on the fabric.

You love to have family and friends over, to organize parties and entertain guests at home. Which is why the choice of furniture in the dining area is crucial to your home décor plan. A large dining table at home would be ideal for you. Furniture in the kitchen that facilitates ease of movement and ample storage space that aesthetically blends into the home décor.

Indoor plants, terrariums, balcony gardens, growing herbs and flowers on the window sill, will bring in positive energy into your home and life and enhance your home décor.

Colour of the Zodiac

Being a moon sign, you naturally align with the cool colours – silvery tones, white or pearl. Ruled by the element of water, the vibrations of varying shades of blue are likely to impact your mood positively. Get some Mason cushions in silver & cream and pair it with Tajak or Ura cushions for a calm & peaceful feel.

Shades of indigo can give you the energy that you need, to keep your sensitivity at a healthy level. Accessorise your home with hues of indigo and use this colour liberally everywhere – in your bedroom with the Yokimo Quilt or the Shibori and top up with our Pondicherry and Coromandel cushions.

Colours to avoid: Green and orange. Shying away from bold, harsh, or contrasting colours or patterns will ensure your haven isn’t interrupted. Use this as a guide to do up your home.

Stay positive and surround yourself with colours that generate positive and happy vibrations.