If you are born between February 19 th – March 20th, then you fall under the Pisces sun sign. Pisces is represented by two fishes moving in different directions. The last of the water sign, Pisces are flexible, creative, intuitive and imaginative. Now we say that’s perfect if you want to decorate your home. A little interesting piece of trivia – many creative geniuses such as Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Rihanna and Dr Seuss were born under this sign.

What Do Pisces Like?

Being a water sign with fish, the ideal house for people of this zodiac sign would be by the sea.

You prefer a house with big windows, plenty of light and a sense of spaciousness. The sun sign’s innate traits align with the vibrations of sea blue and green shades. Incorporate sea-themed accessories into your décor.

Pisces are very intuitive and many of them have vivid dreams. A great way to heighten your intuition is by making your room more comfortable to encourage better sleep. Get yourself a cute dream catcher to help you!

Also, spring cleaning is a very spiritual exercise for you, wherein, you are not only clearing your home of dust, dirt and clutter but also negative energy from your life.

Colours Of The Zodiac

Pisces love muted palates such as tans, blacks and greys. Likewise, they are also drawn to the colours of the sea, typically sea green. Additions of our Ziu, Dao and An cushions will work so well to give you a tropical feel while keeping the look boho-chic. You should also incorporate more toned down cool tones that are a little more earthy. Our Arzi cushion paired with our Bukai cushion and the Silver Mason cushion will make your room light up with a cool elegant charm. The vibrations from these colours will generate harmonious energy in your interpersonal interactions at home. Gaudy shades like gold and red don’t favour a cool-minded Pisces, so these are a no-no for their homes.

Surround yourself with your zodiac colours and feel the energy flow!