Your Guide To What A Leo’s Home Should Be

When I think of decorating my home I want to do it up in a way that complements my taste and style. I want it to have a happy vibe that rubs off on me and everyone who comes to my home.

Don’t you think your home is more than just the walls that define the space? It is where much of your story unfolds and a reflection of who you really are. Did you know that your zodiac sign can into your tastes and the ideas you have about your perfect space?

If you are born between 23rd July –22nd August then your zodiac sign is Leo. Some of the most well-known people of all time have been born under the Leo zodiac sign – Barack Obama, Roger Federer, Daniel Radcliffe and Jennifer Lopez to name a few.

What do Leo Like?

Leo is a fire zodiac sign and is known for its bold personality traits. Leos are fiery and royal and just like their sun sign; they love their abode to be royal too. A typical Leo loves beautiful art. They want their homes to be cosy while putting on a display of their regal taste. They love to make an entrance and be the centre of attention. They are not only natural leaders but also energetic, optimistic and love life’s luxuries. As the zodiac sign that rules royalty, they love living the good life and aren’t afraid to show it.

Colours Of The Zodiac

Leos are drawn to vibrant and loud colour pallets

Sunrise and sunset tones like red, orange, gold and yellow are Leo’s favourite and bring out the radiance in their personality. Bold red and orange are other colours that match your personality. Since all these shades are quite loud, it can be tricky to incorporate them in your décor. However, you can make smart choices by choosing a mix of small and statement pieces. Your love for bling and shimmering metallic hues show in your maximalist décor tastes.

Which is why you will absolutely love the Skyy collection. We have options like gold and silver mixed with jute for our rugs; the Palms, Mason and Kerim cushions paired with the yellow cushions make just the kind of graphic and striking statement befitting the home of a Leo. We totally get it – all Leos don’t like everything loud and metallic. And it came as no surprise when we saw our jute basket sales soar in August. Our designs are a little colour with a little bling and have been the perfect gifting options for the mild Leos.

So surround yourself and your loved ones with the things you love and build a beautiful home.