If you are born between March 21 – April 19, you fall under the Aries star sign and are known for being fearless, energetic, and optimistic

Aries is represented by the Ram and is a fire sign. Some of the most well-known people of all time have been born under the Aries zodiac sign – Kate Hudson, Elton John, Adolf Hitler, Sarah Jessica Parker to name a few.

What Do Aries Like?

Aries love to be leaders. They are known to jump enthusiastically into activities, but then have trouble sticking to them. They usually need a lot of storage space in the home to keep all the paraphernalia they’ve accumulated for their many endeavours.

Aries is not a sign that is particularly interested in design. However, as they like things to be simple and straightforward, they are attracted to the clean lines of modern architecture.

You would do well to follow a minimalist aesthetic. A minimalist style means that an Aries can make quick amendments to their home decor once they get bored with their surroundings.

Their enthusiasm and love of life mean they are charismatic and often the life of the party. They should try to make zones in their home that are conducive to entertaining and chatting with friends and family.

Colour of the Zodiac

Colour affects mood, and if your sign vibes with certain colours, then so be it. Those who fall under Aries are fiery, passionate, and a bit stubborn.

Accents of Aries favourite red-orange, crimson and pink colour palette (with a few darker hues and monochromes mixed in) should definitely be a part of your home.

These shades may seem like a difficult colour to bring into your interiors since it’s bold and statement-making. You can reduce its effect through the power of layering. A grey sofa, with a few cushions like the Phulkari cushion set of 3 https://skyyliving.com/product/phulkari-cushion-set-of-3/, coupled with Daisy cushion or Sal yellow cushion can do the work and look fabulous put together. Since clutter is one thing you really don’t like, the Eiji Rust https://skyyliving.com/product/eiji-basket-rust-set-of-2/ or the Tau yellow jute baskets are great accessories that can serve as planters as well as baskets for storage.

Stay positive and surround yourself with colours that generate positive and happy vibrations.