All rules are made to be broken—especially in design when you’re having fun!

Do you get stressed when you want to make changes to your room? You don’t what will combine well to create a cohesive look? We’re going to help you do just that.

Cushions are one of the simplest ways to add style into your living room, family room, or bedroom. You may want to play safe by adding a few solid-coloured pillows, or worse, the set that came with your sofa/divan. But if you want a room that people walk into and take a second look at, then its time live a little and have some fun.

There are a lot of different ways to mix and match throw pillows, and yes it sometimes it takes a practised eye to get it right. But the Rule of Three is the just the thing you need to help you choose


Choose Three Colours

One of the first things you should do is figure what colour story you want. Now the best way to decide on that would be to three different colours pulled from other sources in the room, such as the wall colour, the rug, your bedding or the curtains.

Some colour combinations that work beautifully:

  • Dark Blue + Deep Red + Pink
  • Deep Red + Orange + Dark Green
  • Pinks + Lime + Yellow
  • Dark Green + Gold + Magenta


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Step 2

Choose Three Patterns

You may think that different patterns just can’t or shouldn’t be placed together. Well! They can and should.

The one thing to keep in mind is that you can mix and match three different patterns, as long as each pattern incorporates at least one of the colours that are in the same family.

Skyy combinations you could try

  • Sariska + Amer + Aina/Rang Cushions
  • Lin + Faridkot +Sal Red Cushions
  • Simar + Sagarika + Gazala/Sal Green Cushions


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Step 3

Choose Three Pattern Sizes

The trick is to select small, medium and large patterns. If everything is too large it won’t work together. Try and put together a combination that will work together and not compete with each other.

You can try

  • Small triangles + medium dots + large Ikat print (check out our Khiva Cushions in Turquoise Green and Red)
  • Solid colour + small houndstooth + floral
  • Large bootas and small bootis paired with an all over pattern jaal.


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When you play with patterns keep the texture of the material too. It adds a whole other dimension. Play with the combination of smooth and rough, soft and fuzzy. See if you like velvet, linen, knit wools and tasselled accents.

Another tip that I thought we should share with you is that odd numbers always look more artful, so go for 3 or 5 cushions instead of a staid 4 in the drawing-room at least.

So the above are just guidelines to help you build your room. Its up to you to like what you put together and enjoy looking at. If you screw up your nose when you walk into the room, then try some more. It may take some time to click, but click it will.

You’ll see elegant and chic results if you follow the formula; however, don’t stop there if you enjoy the process! Experiment until you find the combination that suits you.