“There are two things that make a room timeless: a sense of history and a piece of the future.” – Charlotte Moss

Now that’s a statement I couldn’t agree with more. I spent a good part of my career designing for brands that were available in the international market. For hours I surfed online looking at products that I would want to fill my home with.  Most of the time they were not available in India. I had to wait until I went on a holiday or rely on someone to carry things back for me. I was designing things that made me happy but were not available to people closer to home and I wanted everyone to have access to all that’s beautiful. That’s when I realized it was time to follow my dreams and share my love for styling homes with all of you.

Skyy has been born out of our love and passion for redefining laidback luxury. So welcome to our happy place.

Why Should You Choose Skyy?

At Skyy, we don’t want to dictate what fits where to you or, what looks best on your floor or on your walls. All we have done is curate a collection of lovely things and let you choose what sits in sync with your personality. Your home is your comfort zone – your happy place.

From classic designs to artistic jazz to contemporary essence, Skyy houses a collection which shapes up relaxed family spaces. The things in your home give people an insight into your style, your tastes and you. Based on this we have worked very hard with Indian artisans to bring you unique products for your home – things which stand out with one-of-a-kind charm.

Style Your Home With The Best

Be it cushion covers with beautiful prints or exquisite embroideries, doormats that welcome you home, bed linen which speaks of calm, or artsy lamps that light up the room with vibrant colours – you can find it all at Skyy. From pastels to vibrant tones, from folk stories to global notes, from quirk to simple, and from bold to basic, Skyy’s designs are tasteful and elegant and bring with a sense of history and something for the future.

When someone walks through your front door and you can hear exclamations of ‘Wow’ or ‘ You have a beautiful home’ or ‘ Your table setting looks exquisite’, won’t that just make your day?

Sky Blog

It’s going to make your face and your heart light up and that’s when you will know Skyy was the right choice. That’s what is going to keep us motivated to come back with new collections to pretty up your homes.

We want you to share your feedback on the products, send us pictures of how Skyy has transformed your happy place into something beautiful yet cozy.

So start shopping and make your home a place you love coming back to !