You need one of these to add warmth to your room
With changing seasons your room decor should also undergo a change. So how can you do that without breaking the bank? Do you think changing your upholstery is the only way to get your room a breath of fresh air? Now that is really not a practical option.

One of the best ways to do add freshness to a room is the addition of rugs and mats. In India with the amount of dust that accumulated in our homes, wall to wall carpeting is not a feasible option. So playing with smaller pieces is a good way to redecorate. When you get bored with that look, you can just remove an old rug or mat and buy something in a different shade.

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Here are a few tips before you measure your room out for a rug

One of the biggest mistakes people make when decorating with rugs is getting one that is too small. Nothing looks worse than a rug that doesn’t fit the space well.

When it comes to living room rugs, less is certainly NOT more. Smaller rugs will appear cluttered and make a room look smaller, whereas larger rugs will make the room appear more streamlined and spacious.

Secondly, make sure that any heavily trafficked areas are fully covered by the rug you choose. When people are walking through, they shouldn’t have one foot on the rug and one foot off. It’s awkward, uncomfortable, and can lead to unusual wear patterns on both the rug and your flooring. It would also be a potential accident zone with someone tripped on it.
Don’t be afraid of Colour and pattern. Rugs are a great way to introduce playfulness and fun into the room, so keep an eye out for colours and pattern while shopping.
Your rugs should reflect your style and taste. Aside from breathing necessary warmth and homeliness into any room (even in modern and minimalist homes) adding a touch of softness to any room.
A rug that is too small for your space can cause the room to feel uninviting. A rug that is too large for the room can, paradoxically, make the room feel smaller. So the right-sized area rug is essential.
The Skyy has a collection of rugs, durries and floormats which we have done in different styles and materials. You can opt for colour with our Kilim rug which is made of 100% cotton and will add a boho-chic feel to your room.
For a monochromatic feel, the Tria rug using Panja work is perfect. The classic blue patterning on this Panja durrie adds just the right touch of modern freshness. If you are looking to give your room an artsy feel, then you should definitely check out our Ebru collection which has a beautiful marbling effect done in different colours.
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We work extensively to make sure that our products are sustainable which is why we also have floor mats in jute. Traditional mats are generally rectangular. But sometimes that is just not the right look for that corner or space. Which is why the Skyy round jute floormats – the Boden, Karina, Diara and the Mia floormats add just the right look to a room. These are inexpensive eco-friendly options that you should proud to have in your home. They add an earthy feel to the room while giving it just a touch of glitz and colour.
So with the festivals around the colour, bring some warmth and balance to the room creating the perfect finishing touch with our rugs and mats.