In our earlier blog, I showed you easy ways to dress up your dining table with some DIY napkin settings. But there is more than that to adding something special to your tables.

Table runners are an inexpensive and fun way to redecorate your tables – your dining table or your console in the drawing-room. The good thing about runners is that they come in different sizes, colours, patterns and textures which can really spruce things up. You can use a table runner for both formal and informal settings to bring colour, texture and an added interest to your table.

Not Sure What A Runner Is?

The table runner is a long piece of cloth, used for decoration and other purposes and placed either on top of a tablecloth or on a bare table.  So whether you’re having guests over for a casual meal or you just feel like adding a touch of style to your dining, table runners are an effective way to decorate.

The concept of table runners came about in the olden times. The idea was that the table runner would catch all the spills and dropped food, and then be gathered up for cleaning at the end of the night, leaving the pristine tablecloth behind.

Things To Keep In Mind

  • Choose a table runner in a contrasting colour or pattern than the table cloth itself, so that it stands out.


  • The length of the table runner and the table cloth should align exactly so that the overhang is equal. Ideally, a few inches at best.


How To Use A Runner To Decorate?

You can also place matching table runners in an “X” shape across the table, which works well on circular tables. The “X” not only stands out but creates a visual centre of the space at the place where the runners cross. You can place a centrepiece,  like a floral arrangement where they cross.


Table runners don’t have to be used only on the dining table. They make for great accents for consoles also. Add a runner complementing the colour and theme of the room and it could be a stunning combination.


For a minimal look, use both a runner and coordinating tablecloth with just a few decorations.


A less formal arrangement for a table runner places shorter runners widthwise across the table. You can skip the placemats all together and just use a fun runner on both sides. Place a candle decoration in the centre and you’re done.


Now that you know how you can add that extra something to your rooms – dining or drawing-room, why not shop for the best. We have the colourful Amer and Jaipur runners or you can choose the minimalistic Yang runners in gold and silver. Check out our runners here

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So what are you waiting for? Time to shop and start getting ready for the season ahead.