Being a designer I am always searching for things that will excite me and prompt me to design. I feel art forms that are traditional are a great avenue of inspiration. I sometimes draw my ideas from these ancient crafts. My work begins when I successfully marry tradition with modern-day chic to create products that adorn your homes. One such form of work is Handiras.

Never heard of Handiras? Let me tell you the story behind this beautiful artwork.

Handiras are Moroccan Wedding Blankets native to the Middle and High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. The Berbers hilly tribe which forms the cultural majority of Morocco, weave these wedding blankets from sheep’s wool, linen, and cotton. Even today amongst traditional tribes, the women from the brides family weave this very special blanket for the bride.

The belief behind this tradition is that in the weaves of this blanket, blessings from God are there and brings to the newlywed couple good fortune and fertility whilst deflecting the evil eye.

The loomed blanket is then intricately decorated with hundreds of shiny mirrored sequins that are precisely sewn on by hand in a process that could take weeks to complete. After the wedding ceremony, the blanket is worn as a cape by the bride. And as per old belief, the blanket is an indication that she should be ready for whatever comes.

Using this beautiful tradition and unique artwork as inspiration, we have designed a few pieces here at Skyy.

The Lakai Cushions with tufted textures accented with dull gold sequin is the perfect piece for you. The minimal touch of gold and metallic adds just the right look to any kind of room.

The Kerim Cushion which comes in a slightly different size gives off quite a boho feel and look with pompoms and metallic printed stripes. Pair this with the Kyiz Cushion and you have yourself a killer combination that anyone would vie for!

All 3 cushions draw inspirations from the Handiras work but have been given a modern sophisticated look that fits right into the home of any city dweller. So give your drawing room a sophisticated cum boho vibe with these fashionable accessories.

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