What’s the first thing you notice when you visit someone’s home? For me, it’s their front door mat. After all, it’s the entrance to their home.

There are just so many different materials mats can be made from – synthetic fibres, nylon, palmyra fibre, coir, cloth, grass etc.

We at Skyy believe that making products that use natural resources and protect the environment is one step in the right direction. I want to do my bit of ensuring that the Earth is a better place for my family and everyone around me.

Our coir mats are a testament to that. We decided to use coir to make our gorgeous floor mats which are a naturally sustainable resource. Did you know that coir is made from the husk of coconuts?

How is the coir processed?

In India, they still use the traditional methods that they have been using for many years. The husks are separated from the nuts and soaked in a lagoon for up to 10 months. The husks are beaten with wooden mallets to produce fluffy coir fibre. The fibres are then spun into yarn on traditional spinning wheels called ‘Ratts’. These yarns are what produce the beautiful mats that welcome you and your guests into your homes.

Since it’s natural, will it spoil faster?

All coir products are 100% natural, moisture resistant, flame retardant and 100% fungi, moth and rot resistant. Coir mats are known for their durability and brushing qualities. The brush of coir mats does not become flat as quickly as that of synthetic mats.

Tips To Choose The Right Mats

Your doormat should be of a material that will catch the dirt, dust and grit before it gets dragged inside when someone walks into your house. By placing a doormat at the entrance you are ensuring a cleaner home.

Make sure the size of your doormat is right and fits your entrance properly. If its too small, the purpose of having that mat will not be served. Also, aesthetically it just won’t look right.

The Skyy floor mats are stunning pieces that I have painstakingly designed so that when you put them at the entrance to your homes it speaks volumes about you.

Whether it’s a Home Sweet Home Mat? the Scottie Mat or the Annalise Mat which catches your fancy. Investing in an eco-friendly coir mat will be your way of adding a little style to your home and a step in protecting the environment… while keeping your home clean!