I’ve always been someone who likes to be surrounded by beautiful things. And beautiful doesn’t have to be material things. Decorating your home comes in so many forms. From adding cushions, rugs to runners and lamps there are use so many options.

One of my favourite things to surround myself with are plants. Don’t you think plants add another dimension to any room they are placed in?

Besides the fact that with pollution levels skyrocketing in most parts of the country, indoor plants have become immensely popular and with good reason. They do so much more than just look pretty standing in the corner.

Other than that did you know that you can lower your heart rate by just looking at plants? I mean given the stressed world we live in, that one reason is good enough for me.

Ok, may not! They also help clean the air we breathe by absorbing toxins and acting as little oxygen factories. NASA says that houseplants can remove 87% of toxins from the air. You should add plants like Areca Palm, Spider Plant, Aloe Vera, English Ivy etc to name a few.

Other the environmental aspect of surrounding yourself with plants, I feel they are perfect to create texture and balance in any room. It can transform a room or patio completely.

Let’s for a minute talk about how. Adding plants to a room helps create a contrast to hard surfaces. You could place plants near brick walls or sharp corners. This will make the area appear softer and more welcoming.

When you go plant shopping, be creative in choosing plants. Get small ones and big ones. Always check on the area where you intend to place them; like adding a tall plant on a corner and a small one as a centrepiece. Make sure that these plants will survive indoors and do the act as air filters as well. When they have a dual purpose let’s make the most of it – décor as well helping you breathe better.

Once you’re done with the plants, it’s time to bring in your favourite accessories- cushions. Don’t forget to check out my tips on how to upgrade your space with cushions here – https://skyyliving.com/4-tips-to-spruce-up-your-home-with-cushions/

You know what works beautifully with indoor plants – our Dao, Ziu and An Cushions. They come in shades of green and add just the right touch of freshness and calm.