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  • Ura Cushion Cover
    Rs. 2,690.00
    Suzani embroidery holds an important place in the history of embroidery and originates in countries like Uzbekistan and Tazakistan. With an abundance of luxurious textures, this Ura cushion cover celebrates life. The striking pattern, its rich blue colour and sea green accents with tassels on the side add a perfect finish to a stunning piece of art. The crewel embroidery has been skillfully done by craftsmen on sturdy cotton adding warmth to your decor.  Size : 40 X 40 cm Colour: BLUE AND AQUA Material/Content  : 100% Cotton Availability: In stock  Style: SKYY-TEX-CU-10
  • Dao Cushion Cover
    Rs. 3,690.00
    Eastern religions believe that the lotus flower symbolizes purity and beauty. The Dao cushion cover has a crewel work giant pink lotus flower nestled among green leaves embroidered on the natural hue of the linen fabric. Its intricate embroidery renders it almost as a painting. A precious and elegant cushion which is special enough to be a collector's item.  Size: 40 X 40 cm Colour: PINK & GREEN Material/Content: 70% Cotton, 30% Linen Availability: In stock Style: SKYY-TEX-CU-20
  • An Cushion Cover
    Rs. 3,890.00
    Bringing nature inside the comfort of your home is a great way of uplifting its energy and making it aesthetically pleasing as well. We have an inherent connection with the outdoors and the presence of greens make us calm. The An cushion will add a tropical touch to your interiors with its beautiful foliage crewel work as well as adding beautiful texture to the mix.  Size: 30 X 60 cm Colour: GREEN Material/Content: 20% Cotton, 80% Linen Availability: In stock Style: SKYY-TEX-CU-21
  • Gazala Cushion Cover
    Rs. 4,390.00
    A tribute to the ancient art of Suzani embroidery this Gazala cushion is the star of our collection. Toss this eye-catching designer pillow in your favourite cosy corner and watch it transform the space. The vibrant cushion covered with Suzani flowers in crewel embroidery has an intriguing combination of colours like salmon, coral, hot pink and shades of green coming together flawlessly. The dimensions of the Gazala cushion are a statement in itself!  Size: 30 X 80 cm Colour: CORAL & DARK GREEN Material/Content: 100% Cotton Availability: In stock Style: SKYY-TEX-CU-28
  • Simar Cushion Cover
    Rs. 1,990.00
    Up your style statement with our Simar cushion cover. All over geometric Phulkari embroidery in shades of coral that are offset by crewel embroidery accents in a pale turquoise impart a contemporary vibe to this lumbar pillow. Equally appropriate on a bed or a couch by itself, it is also a perfect foil to our Sagarika or Gazala cushions.  Size: 30 X 45 cm Colour: CORAL Material/Content: 100% Cotton Availability: In stock Style: SKYY-TEX-CU-26
  • Bukara Cushion Cover
    Rs. 2,690.00
    The word 'Suzani ' has its origin in Persian, literally meaning needle. In Central Asia weddings were a big glorious event and all the outfits were handmade with patterns and motifs depicting longevity, luck, fertility, and health. This Bukara cushion cover is embellished with suzani medallion in a bold multicoloured palette. The eccentric bold patterns and striking colour combination makes it an amazing boho centre piece for your couch.  Size: 30 X 80 cm Colour: MULTI Material/Content: 100% Cotton Availability: In stock Style: SKYY-TEX-CU-17
  • Seran Cushion Cover
    Rs. 2,990.00
    Suzani is an ancient technique of embroidered textile originating from Central Asia, back in the 15th century. This enduring craft stands as an epitome of liveliness, enthusiasm and positive spirits of the makers. Crafted in crewel embroidery and pure cotton, this Seran cushion cover inspired by Suzanis is an eclectic piece of embroidered textile curated with a splash of vibrant and quirky colours. It is finished off with a string of contrasting pompom trims which elevates the whole dramatic vibe. The bold floral pattern will instantly add an energetic vibe to your surroundings. We recommend teaming it up with our Bukara and Davinia cushion covers.  Size: 35 X 60 cm Colour: MULTI Material/Content: 100% Cotton Availability: In stock Style: SKYY-TEX-CU-16

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